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•   Jennifer Chambliss (Bertman)  12/1
•   Doug McClure ('91-'93)  11/27
•   Fred Licht (91'-93)  11/25
•   Grant Talarico  11/23
•   James Gabe ('91-'93)  11/23
•   James Allardyce  11/23
•   Michael Degala  11/23
•   Jon Klemm  11/23
•   Ronald Cook  11/20
•   Van Lam  12/3
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Mountain View High School
Class Of 1994

20th Reunion was a blast!

So when's the next one you ask?

So far we've had 3 reunions...

5th Reunion @ The Tied House
10th Reunion @ Michaels at Shoreline
20th Reunion @ Michaels at Shoreline

The question we have for all of you is, which reunion should we hold next. 5 years from now for the 25th or 10 years from now for the 30th? Regardless of which one we decide to go with we'll use this website to gather input and make it even better than the last. Some suggestions we've already heard include switching up the venue, possibly having it in San Francisco, or even making it a whole weekend affair. We want to get as many people to attend so first let us know when you think we should have the next one.

Reunions typically happen when there's the desire to have one and the people to plan it. If you're interested in joining the next reunion committee, let us know. Email us at

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1)   * Which reunion would you like to have next?

  25th Reunion
  30th Reunion

We want feedback!

If you attended the 20th reunion please let us know what you thought about it. We're looking for feedback so we know what we should do the same, change up a bit, or just completely never ever think of doing again. If you have suggestions on what we can do differently or even entirely new things to try, let us know. This is all about making the next reunion better than the last.

All comments will be kept private and won't be shared with anyone outside the planning committee. So if you told your BFF that you loved something but instead really hated it, your secret is safe with us. Unless of course your BFF is on the committee. In that case shame on you for lying.

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1)   What did you like about the reunion?

Here's where you say stuff that gives us warm fuzzy feelings inside.
2)   What didn't you like or would have done differently.

Don't worry about hurting our feelings. We may cry a bit but we'll get over it.

Donations Needed

Please help support our class reunions by donating. Tickets for reunions barely cover the costs associated with food and the venue but there are many other things we'd like to do for our Spartans that can only be accomplished through the generosity of our alumni. To donate please click the Donate button located in the right column of the screen. Through your generosity we can make all our reunions memorable ones.

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